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He has created a valuable collection of content on the subject and uses his site to promote products to his visitors.

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You can learn more about how he was able to do that here. This passive revenue stream helps supplement your earnings. You might have even been asked to write sales copy for these types of items for your clients. The good news is, once you understand how to do this for a client, you can repeat the process for yourself and sell a product on a topic you know a lot about. One of the easiest things to sell online for a web writer is an e-book.

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Obviously, you have all the skills! An e-book can increase your income, bringing in fees for years after publication. Plus, writing an e-book is a great way to build your reputation and cement your status as an expert in that field. Being a published author enhances your credibility, and provides you with endless promotional opportunities.

So what about you? Are you using your web-writing skills to build other revenue streams? If so, tell us about it in the comments below. At last, a professional organization that caters to the needs of direct-response industry writers. Find out how membership can change the course of your career. Second, there are a lot of bloggers out there who are also making money and gaining recognition through blog posts and guest articles.

Third, they are making waves by contributing their creative work and illustrating it with personal examples: they let their personality shine through. Sooner of later, such writers are being contacted by companies to write copy for them. Or, they are being sponsored for trips abroad. Archan Mehta — May 9, at pm. Guest kk — March 19, at am. Yours is on of the personally most helpful articles on making money from writing on the web that I've seen.

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I especially appreciate the links to additiona lresources. Guest Kevin — December 15, at pm. Guest Eric the midget — February 19, at am. Guest Vivek Sirohi — December 2, at am. Guest melody — July 26, at pm. Write your own Money-Making Website is my favorite way. I have a website forumdodinheiro dot com dot br. Guest Eddie barroso — June 7, at pm.

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Web Writing Tips - Writing for an Internet Audience

See a new image Listen to the letters. If you have trouble reading it, you can use the links to view a new image or listen to the letters being spoken. These are 3 of my favorite ways to make money writing for the Internet: 1. Writing articles for companies.

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  • 1. Writing articles for companies.;
  • 6 Ways Writing for Online Is Different Than Print?

Good content written for the Internet is vastly different to content written for offline use. When writing for your website, you should always be conscious of this fact, and tailor your style accordingly. This page was last updated on Before I begin telling you the guidelines for writing, it is helpful if you have an overview of how people generally read on the web.

The most important thing to remember is that few people ever read everything on a page. They scan any new page for the information they want, skipping past whole blocks of text.

7 Ways the Internet is Improving Our Writing

This means your text needs to be designed with highlighting and structure , so people can find what they want quickly and then begin to read more of your page. Writing for scannability means:. It is also less comfortable and worse for your eyes. This is the main reason for keeping pages short — most readers simply read less anyway.

If possible content should always be kept short and sweet. You must also take into account font size. Keep normal body text at around the equivalent of 10 or 12 point, for most readers. Checking what resolution most of your visitors use should help you making this decision too. Use internal links to allow readers to quickly jump to the sections of a page they deem useful to them.

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Make your link text descriptive , not compulsive. If you are using stylesheets to make links with no underline , limit this to navigational links. Any hyperlinks you add into your main content should retain their underlines to make their purpose clear. Try to keep a system similar to the default link colours blue and purple , so users feel in control of your site.

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How is your content going to be used? Will it be read online or offline? Will it be printed out? Try to keep all the information on the topic on one webpage, so users only have to press print once. If you feel that many of your readers will be printing out your content it may be worth incorporating a print stylesheet into your pages. Serif fonts tend to look better on a page than sans-serif. Also, make sure that the majority of your text is black on a white background. These titles are important as they are what users see in search engine listings, their favorites list and history, and are also often what other webmasters will use as the link-text to your site.

The first word in your title is the most important, as it the most visible. In a taskbar full of windows, your page will need to be picked out by that word.